Our Mission

Our team was founded in 2018 with a mission to create a new way for selling and managing products. We combine smart tools, no coding platform with functional and high-performance code that is easy to use.

Team Members

And best of all, we are super passionate about our work.

Hannie Liu Founder & CEO

Enthusiastic startupper who is running errands in the tea. Elastic like an octopus.

Ire Sun Co-Founder & CTO

Multitasking developer who is down-to-earth. Proactive like a chipmunk.

Jason Li Specialist Engineer

Responsible babysitter who is full of curiosity. Reliable like a white stork.

Ruby Qui Full Stack Designer

Full-stack designer who drinks Turquoise tea every day. Efficient like a robot.

Odell Liu Deep Learning Engineer

Studious researcher who is involved with the latest knowledge. Immersed like a whale.

Vivian Wu Front-End Developer

Aesthetic engineer who is always checking the UI. Digging data like a marmot.

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Taipei, Taiwan