Core Technology

By adopting our technology, retailers are able to get closer to the customers’ minds.

Computer Vision

Both video and image recognition. The precision rate is up to 94%.

Deep Learning

More than 600 object categories and up to 20,000+ attributes.

Smart Recommendation

Deliver personal recommendation in 0.02 seconds.


Enhancing shopping experience and establishing a deeper impression in consumers' minds.

Dynamic Identification

Our identification includes not only basic age and gender but also appearance object.

Smart Recommendation

Deliver personal recommendation and enhance shopping experience.

Seductive Interaction

Interacting function can raise customers engagement.

Our Services

We provide complete solution and API for you.


Different retail stages of function module.
Suitable for brand or shopping mall.

uSee API

More application for recognition.
Suitable for IT or information department.


How enterprises apply our solution to their business.

Taiwan Fashion Brand
Smart signage encouraged customers interaction.
Online assistant increases the interaction time with customers

Largest Outlet in Taiwan
Offline signage increased the user experience time during Mother’s Day campaign.

Team Members

Workaholics graduated from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
Accomplishing every task by perfect teamwork, high efficency and innovative mindset.

Hannie Liu
Co-Founder / CEO

Enthusiastic startuper who running errands in the tea. Elastic like a octopus.

Ire Sun
Co-Founder / CTO

A greedy boy who speaks architecture and wields code in the team. Desiring everything like a chipmunk.

Jason Li
Specialist Engineer

A curious boy who is a babysitter in the team. Reliable like a white stork.

Ruby Qui
UI/UX Designer

A straightforward girl who work like a robot in the team. Craving for tea like an oldman.

創新創業  竹科之星94狂  旺向2018

獲得 106 年度 「竹科之星」

科技部新竹科學工業園區管理局 Jan 02, 2018


獲得 第一屆「創業概念海選計畫」

經濟部 Oct 16, 2017


獲得 第一梯次 「國立臺灣科技大學選拔校園衍生創業團隊及進駐企業赴矽谷計畫」

台科大育成中心 May 09, 2017

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